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Titia Bozuwa

Titia Bozuwa
Titia was born and raised in the Netherlands. As a young woman, she taught kindergarten in a Montessori school and pursued her passion in photography as a freelance artist. She emigrated to the United States in 1957 with her physician husband, Gijs Bozuwa. In 1958, they moved to a farm house in Wakefield, NH where they raised their two children and still live today.

When Dr. Bozuwa retired in 1995, they converted his home office into the Dutch Boutique & Gallery where they exhibit and sell Titia's photography, wooden furniture and household objects, painted in the traditional Dutch Hindeloopen style (Titia applies the base coat and Gijs paints the intricate design). The gallery also exhibits the work of other New Hampshire artists.

Titia began writing in 1990 and leads the Twin Farms Writer's Workshops & Retreat during the summer months. Joan: A Mother's Memoir, is her first book.

Joan: A Mother's Memoir
Titia Bozuwa
The power of Titia Bozuwa’s prose and photography is mesmerizing, holding us in the ache of death come too early. Equally strong is an illumination of the courage, love, and acceptance that both separate and meld this Dutch immigrant mother and her spirited American daughter. Joan is a brief book, as her life was brief, but unforgettable.
----Martha Barron Barrett

Ever since Job, people have used literature to try to discover the meaning of suffering. Titia Bozuwa adds a much needed volume to this genre. Through prose that is intensely spiritual without being dogmatic, she teaches us all that the meaning sis found not in language, but in love, honesty, and acceptance. God gave Joan Bozuwa wings–and she gave them to her mother. Together, they have given us a chance to fly too.
----John Tamilio III

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