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Shelter Sketchbook, A

Shelter Sketchbook, A
John Taylor
A Shelter Sketchbook - Timeless Building Solutions is a collection of hundreds of pen and ink sketches made by the author as he traveled around the world observing how people of different cultures, in different places and at different times, build their shelters.

A Shelter Sketchbook is divided into three sections. In the first section, "Protection from the Environment," there are sketches of a log cabin in Quebec which uses "a layer of earth on the ceiling" for insulation, and an early Japanese building which uses "stones placed on wooden shingles to prevent the wind from blowing [the shingles off]." In the second section, "Accommodation of Human Need," there are sketches of stoves and fireplaces in Japan, Florida, Denmark, Venezuela, and New Hampshire. The last section, "The Building Itself," includes sketches showing how people used the material at hand, stone, plant, earth, mud, and animal hides, to build structures to protect them from the environment.

Anyone interested in architecture or in how people in different places and at different times lived, will enjoy A Shelter Sketch Book.

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