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Little Book of Stupid Questions: 300 Hilarious, Bold, Embarrassing, Personal & Basically Pointless

Little Book of Stupid Questions: 300 Hilarious, Bold, Embarrassing, Personal & Basically Pointless
David Borgenicht
Think of this book as a new beginning. Philosophers throughout the ages have been tackling the big, meaningful questions of the universe. "Why are we here?" "Is there life after death?" " What is love?" They haven't come up with any real answers yet, but the questions have been debated to death, from Ancient Greece to the modern day.

And I'm sick of it. Who cares why we're here? What matters is what we do with our time while we're here. Who cares if there's life after death? We can't take it with us. And who knows what love is? I don't even understand how a thermos works. I just accept it and thank the all-powerful thermos god that it does.

You see, from day to day, we don't deal with these major metaphysical issues. We deal with the little things. The inane things. The petty things. And yes, well, the stupid things.

We ask ourselves ridiculous questions about our bodies, our friends, our families. Questions about TV shows, and movies, and music. Questions about belly buttons, and airplane crashes, and sex, and elevators, and spontaneous combustion, and dozens of other incredibly silly but immensely interesting subjects.

And it's time we had an international forum on these subjects as well. It's time we focused on the issues we all really talk about when we're out with friends or standing around the water cooler at work. This book will help us to start that dialogue. Within it are hundreds of stupid questions, all of them quite worthy of discussion, and all with no right or wrong answers to worry about. That, I leave up to you.

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