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Complete Jesus, The

Complete Jesus, The
Ricky Alan Mayotte
The Complete Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, as recorded by all ancient writers in the first centuries following his life and death, have never been collected into a single volume – until now. This book includes the words of Jesus as found in twenty-four ancient documents, only five of which are included in The New Testament. Some of the other sources have been known and venerated by Christians for nearly two thousand years, but many – especially the astonishing books known as the Gnostic Gospels – have only recently been discovered.

Ricky Alan Mayotte has sifted through the ancient literature, extracted the words attributed to Jesus, and organized them in a manner that reveals the range and tone of Jesus’s teachings in new and often surprising ways. The reader will be drawn from one quotation to the next, finding utterances that range from the familiar and comforting to the unexpected and even startling. The portrait of Jesus that emerges from the 1,083 sayings included in The Complete Jesus reveals a commanding figure, at once familiar and strange.

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