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Green Mountain Boys of Summer: Vermonters in the Major Leagues, 1882-1993

Green Mountain Boys of Summer: Vermonters in the Major Leagues, 1882-1993
Tom Simon
In Vermont’s climate, baseball season is brief but passionate. Opening Day typically yields snow as often as sunshine, yet the game has been an important part of life here for more than a century. Green Mountain Boys of Summer presents nearly three dozen native-born Vermonters who made it to the major leagues. Their stories are filled with passion and dedication, as well as surprising twists of fate, unexpected facts, and a wide range of human experience. The Green Mountain Boys of Summer made it to the top, and their stories showcase the determination so common to Vermonters. They came from every corner of Vermont, and their history is part of the fabric of the state. They include players who grew up and played here until they chased their baseball dreams in the big cities, and those whose families moved away early in their childhood. The sons of farmers and quarry workers, loggers and legislators, their athletic talent stood out on schoolboy sandlots and collegiate diamonds and propelled them all the way to the big leagues.

For every player who enjoyed multiple seasons in the majors and racked up solid career numbers, though, there are several who had only a moment of glory. Green Mountain Boys of Summer includes a Hall-of-Famer—and another player who arguably should be—and several other outstanding major leaguers, but it also has its share of those whose time at the top was brief. For many, baseball was just a beginning, ad they went on to even greater achievements after their playing days were done.

Green Mountain Boys of Summer is filled with nearly 200 photographs, many never before published. Along with the modern game that is so much a part of our lives today, there are images of the formative years, with unfamiliar teams—Worcester Ruby Legs, Columbus Buckeyes, Brooklyn Bridegrooms—that came and went. Memorabilia, portraits, team photos, hometowns, action photos—they’re all here to enjoy.

Green Mountain Boys of Summer is a baseball book, but it’s something more. It’s about men who chased a dream and succeeded, even when the odds against them were long.

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