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Year in the Notch: Exploring the Natural History of the White Mountains

Year in the Notch: Exploring the Natural History of the White Mountains
William Sargent
In the same format and style of his prize-winning Shallow Waters, William Sargent's latest book chronicles a year spent exploring the North Woods of New Hampshire. Through words and photographs, Sargent investigates a new area's geology, ecology, and natural history. Centered primarily in the Franconia Notch, the book also discusses Mount Washington Observatory, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, Palermo Mine, and New Hampshire Audobon's Peregrine Tagging Program.

In a series of lyrical chapters, Sargent takes readers into vernalponds and moose yards, up mountain summits and into the dens of hibernating bears. He shows that the present pattern of evergreen and deciduous trees we think of as natural is actually the result of centuries of human alteration. Describing how humans have become the newest geophysical force shaping our planet, he ruminates on how well the earth's immune system can withstand the onslaught. Offering up-to-date science on the geology and biology of New England, A Year in the Notch explains the interaction between life, rocks, and water—the intricate dance that keeps our planet alive and makes our own existence possible.

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