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Making Bits and Pieces Mosaics

Making Bits and Pieces Mosaics
Marlene Marshall
Bits and pieces, pique assiette, or memoryware-there are many names for this unique folk art technique that has flourished for centuries around the world. The mosaic art form, revered for its intricacy and beauty, is now accessible to anyone with the simple methods you will find in Making Bits & Pieces Mosaics.

As you begin gathering materials for your mosaics, you will discover that every shard is an artifact, conjuring up images of families gathered around the table and treasured gifts given for marriages and births. The ability to breathe new life into the ruins of the past adds a new dimension of meaning and creativity to your work.

Your bits and pieces mosaics are limited only by your imagination. This art form is as applicable to practical projects, like lamps and picture frames, as it is to decorative garden stones and vases. Sources of shards are also limitless. While broken dishes are your main resource, glass, tiles, jewelry, seashells, marbles, and even buttons and coins can add interest and whimsy to your mosaic projects. Mosaics will also complement any décor, be it streamlined modern or homey country.

Do not limit yourself to recreating the examples shown in this book. No two pieces are ever alike. Let the materials you collect, whether they come from thrift stores or are treasured possessions from your own past, inspire you in your creative endeavors.

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