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Mountain Bike Steve's Wilderness Treks

Mountain Bike Steve's Wilderness Treks
Steve Langella
Not for the novice mountain biker nor the faint of heart, this book is written for the rugged individualist who not only wants a challenge, but a real challenge.

Steve Langella, a feisty mountain biker who dotes on his onespeed bike and lives for adventure, has nearly a decade of experience trekking the isolated forest regions of New England. This book explores the North Country of New Hampshire where Langella has logged over 10,000 off-road biking miles.

Written with a true Yankee flair and an environmentally sensitive perspective, this book offers information on preparing for wilderness mountain biking, detailed maps, route notes, wilderness survival tips, and additionally, several compelling essays of Mountain Bike Steve's experiences while trekking the remote, awe-inspiring New Hampshire Northern Territory.

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