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Pilgrim Soul, The

Pilgrim Soul, The
Gloria Laurie
The Pilgrim Soul tells the legend of Dolly Copp of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. As a young bride she moved with her husband Hayes to their homestead in the virgin forests of 19th century New Hampshire. Together, they built a farm, raised a family, and warmly opened their home to the many travellers who passed by their door.

Anne Miller Downes has carefully written the story of Dolly Copp, the wife of Hayes Copp, an independent and pioneering farmer, the mother of three strong sons and one beautiful daughter, the farmwife who welcomed all who came to her door seeking help or lodging. It may be over a century since this pioneering woman moved from her homestead of fifty years but her welcome is ever-present at the Dolly Copp Campground in the White Mountain National Forest.

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