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Earth Ponds Sourcebook

Earth Ponds Sourcebook
Tim Matson
The author of the classic, best-selling book on ponds presents new tips, techniques, and hundreds of resources in this guide. A huge growth of interest in ponds and aquaculture in recent years has spawned a wealth of new materials and suppliers, and new building and maintenance techniques. Tim Matson's Earth Ponds Sourcebook will tell you what you need to know, whether you're building a new pond or revitalizing an old one.

    Some of the topics include:
  • how to plan and plant a pond to attract wildlife, and how to keep away the critters you might not want, like beavers;
  • where to buy kits or materials for rafts, docks, and gazebos, and which designs are best;
  • how to buy the right pump for irrigation, fire protection, or flooding your skating rink;
  • how to build goldfish pools and garden ponds;
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