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Future of the Northern Forest, The

Future of the Northern Forest, The
Christopher McGrory Klyza
Stephen Trombulak
The Northern Forest, a 26-million-acre expanse that stretches from Lake Ontario through upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, has already become a flash point in the ongoing debate between advocates of economic growth and environmental protection. It is an area shaped by complex forces: unlike the sprawling public forests of the American West, eighty percent of the Northern Forest is privately owned, and the area's myriad towns and villages have established overlapping jurisdictions and responsibilities. This land of matchless mountains, waterways, and wildlife is also within easy access of the large population centers of the Northeast. As a result, the region's primary economic activities–forest products, tourism, and recreation–have in the last decade clashed with demands to prevent further degradation to the forest and restore its biological integrity.

The Future of the Northern Forest presents the viewpoints of sixteen foresters, public officials, environmentalists, economists, Native Americans, and scientists who speak out on intertwined questions of ecology, economy, ethics, and politics. The editors suggest these issues can be framed to find long-term solutions that balance a healthy economy and a healthy environment.

"This is the first real account of the most important environmental story in America today. If you want to know what 21st-century conservation will be like, you'd better read it closely." –Bill McKibben

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