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Father to Daughter

Father to Daughter
Bertha Frothingham
Father to Daughter is a collection of the letters that Maxwell Perkins wrote to his daughters when his family was inWindsor. He wrote a daughter every day, each in turn. These letters have now been published in Father to Daughter: The Family Letters of Maxwell Perkins. They are charming letters well suited to the particular child, full of love, humor, and quiet guidance with lively line drawings on almost every page. Even the envelopes have attractive and imaginative drawings of birds and knights in armor carrying the address. The book has been beautifully designed.

Readers will find the letters, which were written between 1915 and 1929, always entertaining, often instructional, sometimes whimsical. Those familiar with the professional correspondence of Maxwell Perkins (which can be found in such books as The Only Thing That Counts: The Ernest Hemingway - Maxwell Perkins Correspondences, Dear Scott Dear Max: The Fitzgerald - Perkins Correspondence, and the recently published Max & Marjorie: The Correspondence of Maxwell Perkins and Marjorie Rawlings) may be surprised and delighted by Maxwell Perkins' warm endearing prose and his talents as a pen and ink artist.

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