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Home Waters: Fishing with an Old Friend

Home Waters: Fishing with an Old Friend
Joseph Monninger
This wonderfully written memoir about a man, his dog, and their journey together is as revealing about life as it is warm and amusing. Author Joseph Monninger is the kind of man "who feels a connection with an animal beyond what others might consider normal." So when Nellie, his eleven-year-old Golden Retreiver, develops lumps that are diagnosed as cancer, he loads his pickup truck and takes her on a final road trip to revisit their favorite mountain haunts and trout streams.

Their journey takes them to the Wind River Range in Wyoming, the Bighorn River in Montana, Henry's Fork River in Idaho, and little-known streams in Yellowstone National Park. The author casts for rainbow and cutthroat trout and enjoys the best fly-fishing of his life. He also finds new rewards in nature as he camps and hikes with Nellie in magnificent high country. And all the while, he is reflecting on Nellie and the events that she has seen him through--his marriage, buying and selling a house, a divorce, a new job.

In this moving yet unsentimental memoir, Joseph Monninger captures perfectly the joys of fishing, his love of dogs, and a passion for the natural world.

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