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Color Casting for Wiccans: Correspondences for More Powerful Spells

Color Casting for Wiccans: Correspondences for More Powerful Spells
Sister Moon

Be extremely cautious of what you ask for because chances are, you're going to get it…

So begins this handbook for Wiccans who are ready to bring a whole new spectrum into their spell casting. Experienced witches long ago deciphered the universal language of color. Now, in this unique, informative volume, Sister Moon teaches expert witches and novices alike the secrets of color magick. Some ancient, some relatively new, all of the spells contained herein have worked for someone, somehow, somewhere. And they can work for you, too.

Learn about color's correspondences, and how to match the correct shade to the intent of each spell. From white to black, and everything in between, here you will find chapters dealing with individual hues—and how to harness their power. To draw a new love, for example, search under Pink or Orange for attraction. If the wish is for a better job, search under Green for money, or Gold for success.

    Also listed are specific instructions for the responsible use of color casting, and information on:
  • When to use magick, and whether to keep it secret
  • How to cast a circle
  • Time, implements and incantations you'll need in order to cast effectively
  • How to maintain and prepare spell-casting tools, candles, oils, and herbs
Plus inspirational full-color photos, and appendices listing the optimal magick hours for casting. Sister Moon is a professional psychic channeler and a teacher of Wicca, which she learned from her grandmother. She is also the author of The Wiccaning, and she lives in Loveland, Colorado.
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