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Time to Blossom: Mothers, Daughters & Flowers

Time to Blossom: Mothers, Daughters & Flowers
Richard Brown
A Time to Blossom: Mothers, Daughters and Flowers is a book about the relationship that grows between mother and child through moments spent together in the garden. This book is about flowers, and how those blossoms cultivate a bond between mother and daughter that endures over the decades to linger into adulthood. For generations, throughout time, a love of flowers, an understanding of nature and a knowledge of the secrets of plants has seamlessly passed from mother to daughter to granddaughter. It has been quietly imparted while working side by side making bouquets, weaving garlands, planting seeds and spending long afternoons walking together in the woods. Enhancing, preserving and strengthening that unbroken link is what this book is all about.

This book celebrates those moments those traditions; it preserves the essence of a relationship intertwined in flowers. Remember all the times that you collected fistfuls of lilacs for Mother's Day, remember all the afternoons you spent with your mother wading in early spring daffodil fields. Remember how she patiently demonstrated how to make miniature bouquets for your dollhouse, remember the sense of wonder when you examined a delphinium flower. And think of the rush of excitement when you hung May baskets on doorknobs and ran. For generations, mothers and daughters have forced bulbs in the winter, staked the tendrilled vines of sweet peas together in spring and collected apron-loads of lavender spikes in midsummer to tuck into the linen. As surely as there will always be children and mothers, tea parties and primrose paths will never fade away. These are the traditions that endure, these are the moments that bring mother and daughter together.

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