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Scalpel and the Silver Bear, The

Scalpel and the Silver Bear, The
Lori Alvord
The Scalpel and the Silver Bear, in the author's words, is the story of "how a girl from a small and remote town on an Indian reservation was able to become a surgeon [and] work in the high-tech realm of a surgical operating room, and [how] ancient tribal ways and philosophies can help a floundering medical system find its way back to its original mission: healing."

In Dr. Alvord's book we learn about the healing practices of the Navajo people and the challenges the Navajo beliefs posed to a member of the tribe entering the realm of Western medicine. This is an important story. It is particularly appropriate for our times when "alternative medicine" is garnering so much attention, and Western medicine, with pills, equipment and modern procedure, seems frustrated in its ability to heal.

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