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Yankee Century, A

Yankee Century, A
Harvey Frommer
Nothing defines America like baseball. And nothing defines baseball like the Yankees. From their historic beginnings as the New York Highlanders playing in Manhattan’s Hilltop Park in 1903, to their reign as the modern-day dynasty that brought Major League Baseball into a new millennium with World Series championships in ’96, ’98, ’99, and 2000, this team has given us a century of triumphs and heartbreaks, legends and lore.

Now, this definitive album captures that century in words, stats, and pictures. Included are exclusive interviews with luminaries such as Mel Allen, Yogi Berra, Scott Brosius, Andy Carey, Chris Chambliss, Jerry Coleman, Bob Feller, Monte Irvin, Ralph Kiner, Don Larsen, Bob Sheppard, Duke Snider, and Don Zimmer, as well as portraits of the greats from Mickey Mantle to Don Mattingly, from Vic Raschi to Allie Reynolds, from Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio to Derek Jeter.

There are picks and profiles of the greatest (and worst) Yankee teams—sure to get a few arguments going. There are quotes, a quiz, lists, trivia, and tributes—as well as tales of fierce rivalries and unforgettable moments. You’ll experience the sweeps and stumbles, the hallowed history of the House that Ruth Built, and the wackiness of the infamous Pine Tar Incident. You’ll endure the suspense of Larsen’s perfect game during the ’56 Series; watch Mr. October hit one (and two and three) out of the park in ‘77; listen to Lou Gehrig’s stirring 1939 speech; and experience the rollercoaster ride of the 2001 series, with two impossible come-from-behind victories followed by the Diamondbacks’ snatching of the crown from the Yankees’ grasp.

For Yankee fans, or anyone who loves baseball, owning A Yankee Century is like having a clubhouse pass to the most fabled franchise in all of sports.

"Frommer slices and dices information about the team in thousands of ways. If there is a statistic about the team a reader wants to know, more than likely it can be found in the pages of this compilation of facts and figures. Trivia buffs could spend months digesting all the information that Frommer has collected in this easily accessible work... Yankee fans who can't learn enough about their favorite team will think they died and went to heaven with all that Frommer offers on each page." -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“If you love baseball, if you love the New York Yankees, you will love this book.” -- Paul O’Neill

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