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Shaker Boy

Shaker Boy
Mary Lyn Ray
Shaker Boy is an historically accurate fictional tale of life in a Shaker Community. When Caleb Whitcher is six years old, his father is killed in the Civil War. His mother, unable to provide for Caleb, leaves her son in the care of the Shakers at Canterbury, New Hampshire. In the Shaker community, Caleb, along with his 141 brothers and 138 sisters, learns Shaker songs, Shaker crafts and Shaker ways.

This delightful book is an enjoyable way for the young and old alike to learn about everyday life in a Shaker Village in the 1800's.

The book contains more than 40 color illustrations which were done by Jeanette Winter, winner of the New York Times Best Illustrated Book of 1991 Award.

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