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The Rules For Getting A Better Price On Juice

Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman --

Although Elwood and Agnolia owned The Coffee House, Agnolia had most of the day to day responsibilities including hiring employees and purchasing supplies. Mother Nature's Own Juice, which Agnolia sold for $1.59, was a popular drink Agnolia purchased every week. Agnolia, who paid 99¢ a bottle, was surprised when Deli Quick offered Mother Nature's Own Juice for 79¢. When Agnolia saw Sam, the Deli Quick manager, she asked why he was selling the juice drink below cost. Sam replied, "We aren't selling below cost. Dan, our distributor, charges us 59¢ a bottle."

Saturday, when Madeline stopped for an espresso and some Maple-cottiTM she asked Agnolia how things were going. Agnolia, who was still upset because Dan charged her 99¢ and the Deli Quick 59¢ said, "This week I learned that one of our juice distributors, Dan, is giving Deli Quik a better deal. We sell more juice than Deli Quick. I thought I had a good relationship with the Dan. I always paid the bills on time. I don't know why they get a better deal."

Without a pause Madeline said, "I bet you never asked Dan to sell you the juice for 59¢."

Agnolia responded, "I didn't ask Dan. He knows I want the best price. I feel betrayed. I thought Dan was a friend. He is always said he is giving me a good deal."

Madeline responded, "You're acting like a woman, not like a business man. I always thought men got better deals than women but I didn't understand why until I read the new book by Gail Evans, Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman. The author has "Fourteen Basic Rules For Success." The first is "Make a Request." The next two are "Speak Out" and "Speak Up." Another is "Don't Expect to Make Friends." You didn't adhere to any of these rules. The book says most women don't. Women want and expect others, including men, to know what they want. The author, who is an executive Vice President at CNN, is an astute observer of the business world. As a member of organizations such as the "International Business Forum" she knows the facts - "women now account for over 46 percent of the total U.S. labor force" yet in 1999 only 11.9 percent of the nearly 12,000 corporate officers in Fortune 500 companies were women. Play Like A Man,Win Like A Woman has been on the New York Times bestseller list for a good reason - it is a good book. If you followed the advice, I am certain you could get a better price on juice, as well as on a lot of other items. I'm giving my daughter, Sara, an autographed copy. Sara wants to be a corporate attorney. I believe the advice in Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman could help Sara have a more satisfying and rewarding career.

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