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A Book of Answers to How? & Why?

Hands-On Nature ---

It had been a long and snowy winter. The few sunny warm days had all been followed by a snow storm.

Agnolia had not realized how preoccupied they had been with the snow until Lucy said, "Why do you keep looking at the sky and saying 'I wonder if it is going to snow again' and Daddy keeps saying, 'I hope the snow doesn't melt so fast we have a lot of erosion?"

When Agnolia explained that storm clouds and fair weather clouds look different, Lucy said, "How can you tell the difference?" When Agnolia said, melting snow could wash away the soil and cause erosion Lucy said, "You said snow was just frozen water. Why would a lot of water cause erosion?" Unfortunately for Agnolia her explanations generated even more questions from Lucy.

Lucy's questions were on Agnolia's mind when, after leaving Lucy and Jacob at school, Agnolia saw Big Amy dropping off Little Amy. Hoping for some suggestions on how to satisfy Lucy's unending curiosity, Agnolia asked Big Amy if she had any suggestions for satisfying Lucy's current curiosity about clouds and erosion. Without hesitation, Big Amy said, "You should get the new edition of Hands-On Nature - Information and Activities for Exploring the Environment with Children. In the new edition, the authors have added a section called Earth and Sky. I know there is a section on Erosion. Last night Little Amy and I were trying to judge the wind speed using the drawings in the "Wind Force Scale" and I noticed was just a few units before a unit on Erosion. I have the book in the car. You can borrow it.

Reaching into the back seat, Big Amy picked up a large green book and handed it to Agnolia. As soon as Agnolia got home, she decided to see what Hands-On Nature had to say about erosion. Turning to page 259 Agnolia read -

Although the force of a single raindrop is little, the collective effect of a rainfall can move surprising amounts of soil . . . when the ground is saturated , water flows over the surface and carries away exposed soil. As the water carries material downhill, gullies and channels are created . . . They are further eroded as the rushing water washes rocks and soil from the banks

Satisfied that Hands-On Nature could help Lucy better understand erosion, Agnolia turned to the "Cloud Type Chart" on page 288. She was pleased to see that both fair weather clouds and rain clouds were clearly drawn.

Before picking up the twins at school, Agnolia stopped at the bookstore. She wanted her own copy of the book, Hands-On Nature, the book that could answer Lucy's How's and Why's.

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