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W-O-R-D Might Work Better With A Bit Of Hair

Vegetable Gardener's Bible --

If you consider gardening a hobby, you will want to put a lot of effort into creating a space that you will like. Also, if you want to read about the hobby from a more scientific side, advanced writer will prepare useful resources for you.

When Agnolia mentioned to Sara, the clerk at the garden center, that she was hoping to grow more organic vegetables this year Sara suggested Agnolia get a copy of Edward C. Smith's new book, The Vegetable Gardener's Bible. Sara said the book was about a new high yield gardening system called W-O-R-D, (Wide rows, Organic methods, Raised beds, Deep soil).

On the way home Agnolia stopped at the bookstore. She found The Vegetable Gardener's Bible on a display of new books by New England authors. Agnolia was pleased to see that the large format 300 page book was packed with hundreds of gorgeous color photographs.

Home, with a fresh cup of tea and a few minutes, Agnolia opened The Vegetable Gardener's Bible to the table of contents. She noted the book was divided into three parts, Part 1: From Seed to Harvest - High Yields with Less Work; Part 2: The Healthy Garden - Above and Below Ground and Part 3: Vegetables & Herbs, A-Z Great Taste and More Variety.

Agnolia next turned to the Foreword by M. John Storey. She was anxious to start learning more about the W-O-R-D system when she read in the Foreword -

When we learned that Ed lived in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont (where gardening is only slightly easier than in Siberia!), we were skeptical. That is until we saw his vegetable gardens. . .

We spent the past year with Ed . . .photographing his gardens from the first day of soil preparation to the last days of putting the garden to bed. . .

We think that this is the most comprehensive and exciting new system of gardening that has come along in a very long time. . . This book will help you . . . have the best garden ever.

Before putting down the book to start preparations for dinner Agnolia flipped through the colorful pages. She stopped when she came to page 172 to read the authors suggestions for repellents. Agnolia was pleased that many of the suggestions were simple and inexpensive such as spreading the hair collected from the floor of a local barber shop around the edge of a garden to repel pests, or hanging up bars of deodorant soap on stakes. On the facing page she read several recipes including one for a "Bug Spray" that was made with garlic, cayenne pepper, and a recipe for "Chamomile Tea" made from chamomile flowers that could be used as a treatment for powdery mildew.

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