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A Giggle Break After Reticulum

COW --

Wednesday, on the way home from The Tiny Tots Play Group, Lucy, Jacob, and Agnolia stopped at the bookstore to get a birthday present for Jessica.

When Jacob saw COW, he picked up the book and said, "Jessica loves cows. Lets get her this book."

Agnolia, who was impressed with the cover, which showed a sleepy Holstein sticking her head through a bright red "O", wanted to check out the contents before agreeing to purchase the book as a present for Jessica.

It did not take Agnolia long to realize that COW, as the jacket, said, was 'about cows... full of cool cow facts' and had 'great pictures.' Agnolia decided to purchase a copy of COW for Jessica and another for Lucy and Jacob.

As soon as they got home, Agnolia poured three big glasses of milk and then they all sat on the family room couch to read about cows. While the twins looked at a colorful whimsical drawing of the food Pyramid, Agnolia read:

    Cows make milk. Milk for calves, milk for kids, milk for grown-ups, milk for butter and for cheese, and, most important of all, milk for ice cream.

Jacob, who thought cows, like the rocks, had always been on his grandfather's farm, was surprised to find out the first American cows were brought by boat to Jamestown, Virginia on May 14, 1611.

When Agnolia got to Chapter Seven, she read about the four stomachs cows have:

    ...it's time to talk about how cows turn grass and hay and grain into milk. One part you may not believe, and another part may disgust you. But, remember, I'm not making any of this up.

    A person -- that's you -- has only one stomach. How many stomachs do you think a cow has? (This is the hard-to-believe part.) The correct answer is four.

Agnolia then started to read about the cow's stomachs:

    The first stomach is the rumen. Rumen rhymes with two men. Tummy two is the reticulum. Reticulum rhymes with let's tickle 'em!

Before Agnolia could read about the omasum, the twins were giggling so hard Agnolia called for a giggle break. COW was providing an entire afternoon of entertainment. By dinner time the twins were still giggling as they took turns saying "Let's Tickle UM!"

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