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A Few Days Older Is Not Old Enough

Puppy Preschool: Raising Your Puppy Right from the Start! --

Little Amy's incessant pleading for a dog eventually payed off. Just before school started, Big Amy got a Golden Retriever puppy. She gave Little Amy the task of naming the new dog. For a while the puppy was called Puppy. Little Amy changed the name to Goldie after her mother said, "If we had named you Baby when you were a baby, I don't think you would want to be called Baby now."

The day Lucy and Jacob met Goldie they came home and said, "Mommy can we get a dog?" When Elwood got home from work the twins changed their plea to "Daddy can we have a dog?"

That evening Elwood and Agnolia talked about the twins' request. They weren't certain now was the right time to get a dog. If they decided not to get a dog, they didn't know what to tell the twins. If they decided to get a dog, they didn't know what kind of dog to get.

After the twins left for school the next morning, Agnolia called Big Amy. When Agnolia said, "Since Lucy and Jacob has seen Goldie they have been pleading with us to get them a puppy. What to you think?" Big Amy said -

I'm not sure we should have given into Little Amy's pleading. A puppy takes a lot of time and Little Amy is really too young. After we got Goldie I bought Puppy Preschool: Raising Your Puppy Right from the Start!. If I had read the book earlier I would have waited until Little Amy was older, and I would have been better prepared. The one thing I did right was to get a Golden. Puppy Preschool recommends the best breeds. Golden Retrievers are the first on the list.

I would suggest you get Puppy Preschool and tell Lucy and Jacob you will get a puppy when they are eight. Until then they can spend time deciding what kind of dog they want and learning from Puppy Preschool what they will need to do to take care of the puppy.

On Big Amy's recommendation, Agnolia stopped at the bookstore for a copy of Puppy Preschool.

The twins were excited when they saw the cute Dalmatian puppy on the cover of Puppy Preschool. They were certain the book meant a puppy was soon to follow. When Agnolia explained they would get a puppy when they were older and had learned how to take care of a puppy Lucy said, "If you start reading the book right away we can learn everything by the weekend. By the weekend I will be older." Agnolia then explained that by older she didn't mean a few days. She did however agree to start reading Puppy Preschool right away so they could all start learning how to take care of a new puppy.

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