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The World Of The People Of The Great White Way

It Happened on Broadway --

Agnolia's parents will be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary in July. Saturday, Agnolia stopped at the bookstore to get them an anniversary present. When she saw It Happened on Broadway: An Oral History of the Great White Way in a display of books by New England authors, Agnolia thought she had found a good gift. Frank and Sara had honeymooned in New York City in 1964. They had taken a carriage ride in Central Park, ridden the Staten Island Ferry, and visited the Statue of Liberty, but the high point of the trip had been attending the Broadway show, Hello, Dolly! Agnolia's mother often spoke of the night they had heard Carol Channing, in her beautiful gown, fill the theater with music and magic. They had spent many hours listening to the 331/3 LP of Hello, Dolly!

When skimming through It Happened on Broadway, Agnolia noticed that the first chapter, "Broadway Calling" started with the words of Carol Channing, and she knew the book would not be just a good gift, but the perfect gift. As soon as Agnolia got home, she started reading the sections about Carol Channing. Agnolia knew as soon as her mother received the book, she would want to discuss the parts about Carol Channing.

Agnolia realized Carol Channing was passionately committed to the theater when she read that after she first set foot on stage, Carol Channing said, "I will crawl across the desert without water. I will go without sleep. I will suffer. I will do anything. I just want to be a great star."

In search of more about Carol Channing, Agnolia checked the index and then read page after page of quotes. When, on page 213, Agnolia read that Carol Channing had said, "How often in your life does a part come along where you have these wonderful songs and these wonderful things to say? I could do Dolly! every day of my life until I die." She knew her mother would like Carol Channing as much as a person as she had liked her as an actress.

Agnolia was reading about Rex Harrison and My Fair Lady when Elwood came in for a glass of water. When he saw the attractive book with dancing feet and "Broadway" in white letters on the cover Elwood said, "What are you reading?" Agnolia handed him the book. Flipping through the pages, Elwood said, "This is a beautiful book. The pictures are great. It reminds me of the time my folks took me to New York City to see West Side Story. I will never forget the show. It was like another world. People in beautiful clothes danced and sang their problems away. The next year I bet I heard "Maria" and "Tonight" a hundred times. When the twins are older I think we should take then to a Broadway show. The Great White Way is a very special place!"

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