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What Do You Think Ghosts Want You To Read?

Vermont Ghost Guide --

When Elwood learned he had to go to Burlington for a meeting he suggested Agnolia and the twins drive over with him.

Friday while Agnolia was working at The Coffee House, Amy stopped for a cappuccino. When Amy learned that Agnolia would be driving to Burlington Amy said,

You ought to visit some of the spooky places in the area. I like Joe Citro's ghost stories so when I heard he had a new book, The Vermont Ghost Guide which lists the location of nearly a hundred places in Vermont where ghost or strange happenings have been sighted, I bought a copy. Last weekend we drove to Middlebury. On the way we stopped in Northfield and visited the Henry Precott Memorial Library at Norwich University. The Vermont Ghost Guide said the library "has been haunted for years. People have seen books jump off the shelves, lights flip on and off, and a man in nineteenth-century garb walking around." We didn't see any books jump off the shelves but we had a lot of laughs when Fred said the ghost was probably tossing down cook books and hoping someone would get a hint and make him a caldron of brew. I said I thought the ghost probably threw down books with ghost stories such as The Moonlit Road by Ambrose Biece so passers by could read about what his relatives were doing.

Amy went on to say they had such a good time visiting haunted places on the way to Middlebury, and since The Vermont Ghost Guide listed many haunted places in the Burlington area, the family was planning a trip to Burlington. Amy said she wanted to visit the University of Vermont where "a suicidal medical student . . . haunts the gothic looking Converse Hall" and Fred wanted to visit the high school in Winooski where, since an automobile accident in 1960 in which seven students were killed, "invisible feet pound on empty bleachers."

On the way home Agnolia stopped at the bookstore for a copy of The Vermont Ghost Guide.

Everyone was looking forward to the trip to Burlington as soon as they learned about some of the haunted places they could visit. Jacob wanted to visit the graveyards where a ghost had been spotted with a pick and shovel. Elwood suggested they plan another trip for a day he did not have to attend meetings.

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