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Try UVM If You Want To Meet A Ghost

Green Mountains, Dark Tales --

Before leaving for a forestry convention at the University of Maine, Elwood stopped at the bookstore to pick up a book to fill the time between sessions. At the bookstore Elwood was delighted to find Joe Citro's new book, Green Mountains, Dark Tales. He had enjoyed Joe's earlier books. After reading in Passing Strange about the heifers that were found dead "lying in a perfect circle with feed still in their mouths," the twins had wanted to visit the site of the mysterious happening, Dummerston. The title of Joe's new book brought back memories of trips Elwood had made with the family to visit the haunted houses discussed in Ghosts, Ghouls & Unsolved Mysteries.

When Elwood arrived for the conference, he found a long registration line. While he waited Elwood read the tale of Vermont's human hibernation and was so engrossed reading -
. . . either from age or other reasons, to contribute to the support of their families, (dwellers) are disposed of in the winter months in a manner that will shock . . . the registrar had to say, "Next," three times before Elwood looked up from his book and moved to the registration table. Back in his room, Elwood finished the story behind the story of human hibernation. After reading the first few paragraphs of "Tenured Terrors." -

In early 1997 the University of Vermont contracted with me to do an article for the fall issue of their magazine, Vermont Quarterly. It was to be the first-ever census of the ghosts that occupy UVM's many historic buildings. After several weeks of work, my conclusion was this: when it comes to school spirit, UVM deserves some kind of award. In fact, it might be the most spirited school in Vermont. Ghosts have been reported in no fewer than eleven of its buildings, and there are enticing rumors about another three or four.

Elwood decided to read Tenured Terrors before dinner. The tale described the various UVM ghosts and the buildings which they haunted. As Elwood put down Green Mountains, Dark Tales and headed for dinner, he found himself wishing the conference were taking place at UVM. If he were at UVM, he might have the opportunity to visit the haunted buildings and meet some of UVM's tenured ghosts.

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