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W.D. Wetherell,
Novelist, Short Story Writer & New Hampshire Resident

SignedEditions is working with W.D. Wetherell to develop a short biography, a description of his books, and to make arrangements for him to sign and inscribe his books.

We could get this job done more quickly if we had more help. Are you looking for work?

If you order a signed or inscribed edition, we will contact W.D. Wetherell. Then, E~Mail you to let you know, if and when Mr. Wetherell will be able to fulfill your request.

Just because we don't have a biography of W.D. Wetherell doesn't mean you can't order the following unsigned editions:

North of Now
W.D. Wetherell
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"The book that follows is an attempt to come to terms with the central dilemma of one person's life: that writing in early middle age, describing as best I can the things, people, and landscapes I love the most and wish most passionately to endure, I am revealing myself to be extinct as a dinosaur, dead as a dodo, a relic of another era."

Wetherell states that in North of Now, "It seems best to celebrate what made these things precious in the first place." North of Now is a stunning antidote to our often thoughtless rush toward the twenty-first century and a reminder of what we might lose.

Hardcover Signed Editions $ 29.95
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Shipped within 30 days of order $ 35.95

The Wisest
Man in

W.D. Wetherell
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It's 1996 and Ferris, a native New Englander as flinty and proud as the mountains around him, is once again about to predict the winners of the New Hampshire primary. He's been right in every election since 1952, when fate and a nose for news first led Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Max Thomas to his door. It wasn't long before Ferris's uncanny accuracy began drawing the great and the not-so-great to the Notch to sound out--and perhaps influence--the crusty bellwether of political success of failure. This election, however, is different, as both Ferris and Max face the hardest test of their wisdom: confronting the truth about themselves, their lives and loves, and a society that has declined painfully during their half century of friendship.

Paperback Signed Editions $ 14.95
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Shipped within 30 days of order $ 20.95

One River More
W.D. Wetherell
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Part autobiography, part seasonal journal, and part fishing log, One River More follows a typical year of fishing in Vermont and Montana. Whether writing of his home waters in northern New England or the classic trout rivers of the West, Wetherell honors those traditional values of his sport--the intimacy, the quiet, the solitude--that have been threatened by the tremendous surge in fly fishing's popularity over the past decade. At the same time, speculations push the limits of conventional fly-fishing prose; what begins as an exploration of fishing often turns out to be an exploration of much more, from the love that binds a family together to the discipline and craft of a novelist's art.

Hardcover Signed Editions $ 27.00
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Shipped within 30 days of order $ 33.00

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