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Aldora Wallace,
Author & New Hampshire Resident

Prior to writing her first book, Dirty Cops & Small Town Politics, Aldora Wallace' wrote and published both poetry and short stories. Aldora lives in New Hampshire and when not writing, works as a computer consultant.

William Provencal knew arsonists and was familiar with many of their activities that resulted in the destruction of property. William Provencal provided Aldora Wallace with the information and real life experiences that are responsible for making Dirty Cops & Small Town Politics a riveting realistic book.

Dirty Cops & Small Town Politics
Aldora Wallace & William Provencal
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After millions of dollars is pilfered from insurance companies and local citizens by its very own police force and other local officials, the fiery tale is told. This story captivated the small town of Cavern as well as the surrounding areas for several years. The investigations and court proceedings that resulted from these crime sprees proved to discredit many officials and caused much scandal.

The easy money that lures so many criminals down the path of destruction had also caught Cal Cinder. He could not have guessed what was to come, nor could the others involved. The greed became a haze, clouding judgment and ultimately becoming a tool of death.

This tumultuous tale of arson, money and power in a small New England town stormed our local and surrounding newspapers. The Boston Globe was even fortunate enough to catch wind of the scandal. Some have paid with their lives to bring this story forth and others have paid with their lives to prevent it from coming forth. Now it is here for you to read. To enjoy, and to judge for yourselves exactly what happened.

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