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Tekleab Tomlinson,
Chef, Ethiopian & New Hampshire Resident

After leaving his native country of Ethiopia in 1962 Tekleab Tomlinson started making hot pastes and sauces for his friends and family. His small venture has grown over the years into Tektonic Palates, LLC, a business which ships Ethiopia pastes and sauces all over the world. In an effort to help his friends and customers enjoy the many ways in which Tektonic Palates' products can be used to enhance the flavor and appeal of a variety of foods Tekleab has written a recipe booklet.

Tekleab and his wife, Sally, live in rural New Hampshire. Tekleab enjoys cooking and introducing his friends to the unique flavors of ancient Ethiopia. Tekleab and Sally enjoy traveling. Some of the photographs Sally has taken during their visits to Ethiopia can be seen on the Tektonic Palates' web site at

A Taste of

Tekleab Tomlinson
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A Taste of Ethiopia, although spicy Ethiopian dishes have been made available on the West for many years, we believe this is the first time an Ethiopian blend of seasonings has been created for Western Cuisine. We hope you enjoy. The recipes were prepared by Tekleab Tomlinson and the art work done by Sally Tomlinson.

Some of the recipes included are:

  • Kik (split peas) Wat
  • Siga (beef) Wat
  • Atakilt (vegatabale) Wat
Cook Booklet comes with a free sample of a Textonic Palates' products.

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