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John Stadler,
Award-Winning Author, Illustrator & New Hampshire Resident

After graduating from college, John Stadler attended law school for "about half an hour." Quickly realizing that the courtroom was not for him, John took a position with a publishing company in New York City. There, inspired by the children's books that came through the office, he decided to write his own. His first book, The Cat at Bat, received high praise upon publication, and in this way, a talented author/illustrator was born.

A little more than a decade ago, John moved from New York to New Hampshire to devote himself full-time to writing children's books. He currently lives in Lyme with his wife, Nomi, also a writer, in the house they built together. He enjoys receiving correspondence from his young readers and notes that he is highly impressed with the quality of the drawings and paintings they send him.

John studied art and illustration in Europe. To complete the illustrations in his books, John uses a time-consuming layered watercolor technique that results in beautifully vivid, highly detailed images admired by children and adults alike. Two of his books, Hooray for Snail and The Adventures of Snail at School, have been adopted for use in school curricula.

The Cats of Mrs. Calamari
John Stadler
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Mrs. Calamari has just moved into a new apartment with her countless cats. There's only one problem: her new landlord, Mr. Gangplank, and his tremendous white dog, Potato, hate cats! They warn that all cats must be gone by Sunday, or "something will happen." Join Mrs. Calamari and her hundreds of cats as they get to know the nearsighted Mr. Gangplank and Potato over the days leading to Sunday. Will the cats have to leave?

John Stadler researched hundreds of different types of cats in preparation for his elaborate illustrations. The result: a wonderful book for young children. Kirkus Reviews calls The Cats of Mrs. Calamari, "Absolutely inspired silliness," while Booklist writes, "This [book] has everything going for it: true humor, adorable (and expertly executed) artwork, and a story that hangs together from beginning to end. The cat's meow!" The Cats of Mrs. Calamari also has received a Booklist Editor's Choice Award.

One Seal
John Stadler
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One Seal is the latest book from John Stadler and a Children's Book of the Month Club Main Selection. A young boy alone on a beach loses his kite when a sudden gust of wind snatches it from his hands. Running after it, the boy meets a seal. And then a monkey! A polar bear! So many extraordinary animals! Fanciful watercolors describe the elaborate acrobatics the animals perform as they attempt to reach the boy's kite. "Through several wordless pages, onlookers can explore the fanciful world of Stadler's imagination as he arranges the creatures in a capricious combination of poses."–Booklist

Hooray for Snail
John Stadler
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It is Snail's turn to hit. Such a small creature, Snail has trouble holding the bat, but he manages to get a hit that goes straight to the moon. Will Snail have time to make it around the bases before the ball comes back down? It's such a long way to go! Hooray for Snail is a Reading Rainbow Book. Young children will enjoy reading about this remarkable baseball game and looking at the illustrations that depict Snail's difficult journey around the bases.

The Adventures of Snail at School
John Stadler
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Snail wants to help his teacher. He really does. But something strange happens every time he tries: The water fountain turns into a tidal wave. The fire extinguisher blasts him into space. The music baton becomes a magic wand! Is Snail really helpful? Maybe. Is he god at having adventures? Yes!

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