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Samuel A. Southworth,
Writer, Editor & New York Resident

Samuel Southworth is a writer and editor at Sarpedon Publishers. After earning his M.A. at the University of New Hampshire, he taught writing there for three years before pursuing a career in publishing. Trained as a Wilderness EMT at the North Carolina Outward Bound School and a graduate of a winter course at the National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming, he has planned and led mountain and river trips for fifteen years. He currently lives in New York City and has written poetry, short stories, feature articles, textbooks, and a novel.

Great Raids in History:
from Drake to Desert One

Edited by
Samuel A. Southworth
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In and among the titanic battles of history, "politics by other means" has been conducted with small actions by elite troops in pursuit of limited goals–operations best described as "raids." One of the oldest tactics of warfare, the raid has by now become one of the most sophisticated, and in today's fragmented world, may well comprise the primary method through which future conflicts are fought.

Modern historians examine decisive small-unit actions over the course of the past four centuries, illuminating examples of reckless bravery, horrific combat and dynamic leadership–all cases where a courageous few chose to attack into enemy territory, accepting the risk of their own annihilation.

"Great Raids in History is literally a book I could not put down. The nineteen case studies evaluate the available evidence to explain the outcome of each venture (for not all the raids succeeded; the account of Dieppe is particularly moving), exposing errors and stupidity as well as saluting courage and success. Here is something that everyone can read with both profit and pleasure." –Prof. Geoffrey Parker, The Ohio State University, editor of The Cambridge Illustrated History of Warfare and co-editor of The Reader's Guide to Military History

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