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John Ross & Barbara McKinney,
Authors & Vermont Residents

Hello! We are new residents of the Upper Valley and also authors with St. Martin’s Press of three books. Our subject area is dogs and pet-oriented training. Also, we write a question-and-answer dog column ("Dog Talk") that appears in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts newspapers—and will start appearing weekly in the Valley News in September.

As our column in the Valley News gains readers, we think that local interest in our titles will be strong. Also, the short bio at the end of each newspaper column always includes the book titles, as a way to help sales.

You can see the Dog Talk column and the books on-line at our Pittsburgh paper’s web site. The address is

Our home is in Norwich, where we live with a Springer Spaniel and a five-year-old daughter.

Puppy Preschool
John Ross
& Barbara McKinney
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Easy-to-follow training techniques that will help dog owners rear puppies properly and teach them good behavior right from the start.

Dog Talk
John Ross
& Barbara McKinney
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The first and only dog-training book that truly takes readers inside the canine mind, enabling them to communicate effectively with their pets.

Why Does
My Dog
Drink Out of the Toilet

John Ross
& Barbara McKinney
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Everything from the most commonly asked questions culled from their column to the seemingly more obscure problems, including advice and information on buying a new puppy, health and grooming topics and much, much, more!

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