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Lisa Rogak Shaw,
Freelance Writer, Author, Publisher, Editor, Animal Lover & New Hampshire Resident

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New England

Lisa Rogak Shaw
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Author Lisa Rogak offers complete descriptions of more than forty working farms that take paying guests in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. These range from elegant, restored farmhouses filled with antiques that serve gourmet meals to working dairy farms where guests are urged to help with the animals and haying and to share at the family table.

Lisa introduces you to horse farms (where you can brush up on your riding and even bring your own horse), tree farms, herb farms, goat farms, and even llama farms. She also introduces you to the owners, the farm animals, the family pets, and the countryside, so you can select the farm best suited to you and your family. She includes information on meals, prices, and the best farms for children.

Off the Beaten Path

Lisa Rogak Shaw
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Whatever you do when you travel, be sure to get off the interstate. Who needs more bland rest stops and fast food? Get into the heart of things with Globe Pequot's Off the Beaten Path series. Devoted to travelers with a taste for the unique, this easy-to-use guide will help you discover the hidden places in Vermont that most tourists miss--unsung, unspoiled, and out-of-the-way finds that liven up a week's vacation, a day trip, or an afternoon.

The Everything®

Lisa Rogak Shaw
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What could be easier than cooking an entire meal in one pot? In the exciting new The Everything® One-Pot Cookbook, author Lisa Rojak brings to your table hundreds of recipes that are guaranteed crowd pleasers, and won't leave you with tons of dirty dishes.

From appetizers to entrees, these one-pot meals are quick, easy, and delicious. Whether you are cooking for your family or for a larger crowd, you'll find recipes covering the full gamut: Enticing casseroles, braised meats and vegetables, hearty stews, and more. This new kind of cooking is perfect for any evel of home cook. And most important, the ingredients can be found in any good cook's pantry.

The Everything®
Low-Fat High-Flavor

Lisa Rogak Shaw
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Low-fat cooking is no longer a fad: it has become a way of life for millions of us who are either battling the bulge or just trying to eat healthy. But low-fat doesn't have to mean "no taste, no texture" anymore. The fat reducing tricks and techniques used in this book have been so perfected, you won't even miss the artery-clogging ingredients you craved in your favorite entrees, salads, and even desserts!

The Everything® Low-Fat, High-Flavor Cookbook features over 300 delicious recipes suitable for every category of entertaining. Whether you are planning a party or cooking light for the family, this cookbook has low-fat recipes that will fit into any menu. Written in clear, concise language, these tasty meals are easy to prepare and can be created with ingredients found in any kitchen. Most important, these are easy-to-follow, low-fat recipes you won't believe are good for you.


  • Appetizers
  • Sauces and Relishes
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Side Dishes
  • Pasta Dishes
  • Fish and Shellfish Dishes
  • Meat Dishes
  • Poultry Dishes
  • Vegetarian Dishes
  • Desserts

The Everything®

Lisa Rogak Shaw
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What's Dinner without Dessert? Featuring over 300 mouthwatering recipes for all types of desserts, The Everything® Dessert Cookbook is a wonderful indulgence for anyone with a taste for sweets. Written with easy-to-follow instructions, these delicious recipes can be created with ingredients found in any kitchen.

Inside you'll find all kinds of recipes from American "comfort" desserts to classic French fare. These sweet-tooth pleasing recipes are perfect for entertaining large groups or just celebrating with your family. Whether you are a chocolate fiend or have a passion for creme-filled pastries, this cookbook provides recipes for every possible type of dessert.


  • Dips and Sauces
  • Frozen Desserts
  • Sweet Pancakes from Around the World
  • Fudge and Really Sweet Desserts
  • Cakes and Frostings
  • Squares and Bars
  • Dessert Muffins and Breads
  • Cookies
  • Classic French Desserts
  • Comfort Desserts
  • Cheesecakes
  • Tortes
  • Crusts
  • Fruit Desserts
  • Pasta Desserts

Smart Guidetm to Managing Your Time
Lisa Rogak Shaw
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An all-you-need-to-know introduction to time management—starting you on the Smart path to a well-balanced and fulfilling life

  • Smart Advice on how a series of surprisingly simple lifestyle changes can truly liberate your overloaded daily schedule
  • Smart Strategies for coping with information overload at work—how to negotiate and prioritize the overwhelming demands of nonstop meetings, correspondence, presentations, and deadlines
  • Smart Tips on identifying and modifying your particular management style—maximizing strengths, minimizing short-comings, and ensuring lasting change
  • Smart Information on using time-saving computer programs and daily planners to help clear a path through all the clutter
  • Quick reading and easy referencing with a comprehensive index and loads of sidebars and tables

Smart Guidetm to Starting a Small Business
Lisa Rogak Shaw
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An all-you-need-to-know introduction to building, maintaining, and profiting from your own business

  • Smart Strategies for choosing a business to match your personality and skills, and avoiding the common pitfalls of entrepreneurial start-ups
  • Smart Advice on all the behind-the-scenes tasks—dealing with taxes and legal concerns, keeping the books, hiring employees, working with suppliers, and more
  • Smart Tips on today's vast range of high-tech tools—what you really need and how to get it without breaking the bank
  • Smart Definitions and insights on proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations—and which structure best suits your goals and circumstances
  • Quick reading and easy referencing with a comprehensive index and loads of sidebars and tables

Escape to a Small Town!
Lisa Rogak Shaw
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More than 75% of Americans who live in a city or suburb say they dream of moving to a small town, but most of them think they can't, or else they don't know how.

If you count yourself among this group Escape to a Small Town! is for you. Author Lisa Rogak moved from New York City to a small town in northern New England in 1988 and never looked back. In Escape to a Small Town! Rogak shows you how to:

  • Choose the town that is best for you
  • Become accepted in a small town
  • Find a job or start a business
  • Help your children adjust to a new lifestyle
  • And much more!

The Complete Country Business Guide
Lisa Rogak Shaw
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Do you dream of quitting your job one day to move to a rural area and run your own business? Or do you already live in the country, but want to have more control of your life and make more money by running your own business? Then The Complete Country Business Guide is for you. This book is jam-packed with advice and resources on important issues like zoning regulations and marketing a country business as well as stories from successful rural entrepreneurs from all over the country.

Pretzel Logic
Lisa Rogak Shaw
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What would you do if your spouse woke up one day and told you he was gay?

Emily Spencer lived in Coventry, New Hampshire, with her husband Michael, where they published a weekly newspaper and were, by all accounts, happy.

However, after a few years, Michael began to change; he grew quieter and more sullen. The more Emily pressed for an answer, the more he resisted. Finally, one day, she learned her husband's secret: Michael was gay.

What follows in Pretzel Logic is at turns bittersweet and hysterically funny as Emily and Michael learn to deal with their own truths. Recent movies like "In and Out" and "The Object of my Affection" have only skimmed the surface. Pretzel Logic, written by a woman who's been there, is the first story to tell it like it is.

1001 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Small Business
Lisa Rogak Shaw
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1,001 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Small Business will teach you how to advertise and promote effectively, easily and inexpensively—and show you how to custom-tailor a marketing plan that suits your business's specific needs. You will learn the art of advertising on the Internet, creating direct mailings that have an impact, utilizing free or inexpensive marketing tactics, networking effectively, placing long-lasting advertisements, creating dazzling press kits, and making the most of trade shows. Most importantly, you will learn how to turn a casual browser into a customer you will see again.

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