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John Reardon,
Author, National Speaker, Educator, Consutant & Connecticut Resident

Mr. John Reardon is an energetic and pragmatic speaker with thirty-six years of experience in education. He wishes to continue to work with and for children for at least as long as his father's teaching career, which was fifty-four years. Mr. Reardon's talks inspire teachers to search their hearts and rediscover their love for children which led them into a teaching career. He reaches parents, especially Dads, and helps them to help themselves be better parents.

Mr. Reardon's experience in education has encompassed grades K through 12. He has written a book to encourage Dads to be more involved with their children's lives. The New York Times has said, "All-Star Dads is long on common sense" and quotes Mr. Reardon as saying, "The real heroes of America are our classroom teachers."

Mr. Reardon has delighted audiences speaking at the National Parent's Day Coalition in Washington, DC this year as well as at schools throughout New England, Minnesota, Arizona, Georgia, and Florida. His experience has shown him the importance of good communication as parents raise their children. He has observed that when dads become involved in the schools their children do better. Mr. Reardon's work with parents has shown the importance of keeping communication going with others in parenting support groups, if this does not happen, parents will revert to previous behavior within three months.

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All-Star Dads
John Reardon
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Dads can make a tremendous difference in the lives of their children. When a dad changes the way he communicates with a youngster, it will have a rippling, positive effect on the 21st century. Dads who control their tempers and keep a sense of humor will be on their way to raising happy children.

All-Star Dads is a concise parenting book with a big league pitch. Through short and entertaining baseball stories, the author gives good advice on how to make your life with your children more fun. Anecdotes and recollections from Major League baseball players are told to give the reader a new slant on parenting skills. This book is easy to read and enjoyable while teaching new concepts on parenting.

Includes a special message from Mo Vaughn

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