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Trudy Ann Parker,
Author & Vermont Resident

Trudy Ann Parker is a history buff who plays guitar and lives in a log cabin on a road with no name with her husband, Don, a lazy cat, and a dog called Munchkin.

Proud to be of Abenaki descent, Parker contracts for teacher workshops, educational seminars, and, in addition, does many speaking engagements for genealogical and historical groups to discuss about the culture and heritage of the Western Abenaki.

Big Snow, Little Snow:
The Drama of
Log Driving
in the
Connecticut River Valley

Trudy Ann Parker
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A historical novel, Big Snow, Little Snow describes both the life of the loggers who worked on the Connecticut River and the life of the challenging river itself. Loggers must risk their lives to break up dangerous jams and keep the wood moving downstream. Although the characters are fictional, Big Snow, Little Snow accurately represents the Connecticut River Log Drive and its importance to New England communities.

In her introduction, Parker writes, "Log driving on the Connecticut River was adventurous and deadly. That river was as wild and unrelenting as the Log Drivers who challenged it and on its back moved the mountains to the sea. The Abenaki Indians named it the ‘Gwenitegok,' meaning the Long Tidal River. We know it as the ‘Connecticut River' and it remains today unsurpassed in beauty and unequaled for its historical contribution to the heritage and shaping of New England."

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Aunt Sarah:
Woman of Dawnland

Trudy Ann Parker
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History books tell almost nothing about the "People of the Dawnland," but that does not mean they never were. Aunt Sarah was one of these people; she was also a basket maker and a healing woman who lived to see 108 winters. A St. Francis Abenaki, she was gentle and proud. Her hands always smelled of sweetgrass and they reached out to help and heal many human and animal friends along the good trail that she walked.

Aunt Sarah: Woman of Dawnland paints the life of this remarkable woman over her 108 years and offers a detailed portrayal of Abenaki life in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Aunt Sarah's father, an Abenaki Indian Chief, is also Trudy Parker's great-great grandfather.

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