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John Morton,
Olympian, Coach, Teacher, Writer, Outdoorsman, Trail Designer & Vermont Resident

John Morton has participated in six Winter Olympic Games as an athlete, coach, or biathlon team leader. After eleven years as Head Coach of Men's Skiing at Dartmouth, he wrote Don't Look Back, a comprehensive guide to cross-country skiing. John is a commentator for Vermont Public Radio, and continues to compete in skiing events. Johns enjoys the outdoors, writes fiction and non-fiction about the sports he loves, and consults to landowners both public and private on designing multi-use trails. John lives in rural Vermont.

Don't Look Back
John Morton
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Cross-country skiing is not an exact science. Even though the sport has been influenced dramatically by recent technological changes, there are still countless variables that make consistent top performance all but impossible. This observation is born out at the World Cup or Olympic level of international competition, where year after year different individuals from various nations emerge as champions.

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