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Thomas F. Monteleone,
Author, Editor & New Hampshire Resident

Thomas F. Monteleone was educated by Jesuits and holds degrees in psychology and literature. He is the author of more than one hundred novels and short stories. Tom and his wife have edited several anthologies, including the prestigious horror and dark fantasy series Borderlands. Some of Tom's stories have been adapted for television and his book The Blood of the Lamb will soon be made into a major motion picture. Tom lived in Baltimore, Maryland, until a few years ago when he and his wife and daughter moved to New Hampshire where he continues to write while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of northern New England.

The Reckoning
Thomas F. Monteleone
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It is the dawn of a New Millennium--a new age for mankind and, most especially, a new dawn for the Catholic Church. At the international convocation that welcomes the new millennium, the Pope collapses and dies in the arms of Peter Carenza, a charismatic young priest who has drawn major media attention with his "miracle tour" of the United States.

With the dying Pontiff's blessing of Carenza still ringing in their ears, the Cardinals unanimously elect Peter as the new Pope.

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Blood of the Lamb
Thomas F. Monteleone
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In his thirtieth year, Father Peter Carenza, the handsome, charismatic priest of a Brooklyn church, discovers he has miraculous powers. He can heal the sick, raise the dead, and walk unscathed through fire.

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