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Howard Mansfield,
Writer, Historian, Nature Lover & New Hampshire Resident

SignedEditions is working with Howard Mansfield to develop a short biography, a description of his books, and to make arrangements for him to sign and inscribe his books.

We could get this job done more quickly if we had more help. Are you looking for work?

If you order a signed or inscribed edition, we will contact Howard Mansfield. Then, E~Mail you to let you know, if and when Mr. Mansfield will be able to fulfill your request.

Just because we don't have a biography of Howard Mansfield doesn't mean you can't order the following unsigned editions:

The Same Ax, Twice:
Restoration and Renewal
in a Throwaway Age

Howard Mansfield
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An old farmer boasts that he has used the same ax his whole life has only had to replace the handle three times and the head twice. In an eclectic, insightful meditation on the powerful impulse to preserve and restore, Howard Mansfield explores the myriad ways in which we attempt to reconnect with and recover the past to use the same ax twice.

The act of restoration, Mansfield concludes, whether its rebuilding antique engines or reviving the village model of community organization, must contain an element of renewal. Rejecting the sentimentality of nostalgia and the superficiality of commercial appropriation, Mansfield argues for an understanding of restoration that is concerned as much with the future as it is with the past, that preserves and communicates a spirit as well as a form.

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In the Memory House
Howard Mansfield
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In the Memory House is a collection of essays that were written by Howard Mansfield after he had "spent hours in little one-room historical museums," attended town meetings, and stopped many times to read historical markers throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. In In the Memory House, we read about the things we keep; the bottle filled with barley grown in 1883 that is kept in the Old Stone House Museum in Brownington, Vermont; the ancestors we choose to remember such as Johnny Appleseed; and what we soon forget, the giant elms that lined New England streets. In the Memory House will be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates well-written essays, and particularly by those interested in New England and its history.

Paperback Signed Editions $ 14.95
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Shipped within 30 days of order $ 20.95

Skylark - The Life,
Lies, and
Inventions of
Harry Atwood

Howard Mansfield
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Skylark is the story of the brilliant, flamboyant, and often foolhardy pioneer of American aviation, Harry Atwood. Atwood was the first aviator to fly through the canyon of lower Manhattan and to land on the White House Lawn a few feet from President Taft, an aviator who also trained bears and chipmunks, played the piano, and attempted to build an entire community from concrete. This extraordinary biography is a testament to the expression "truth is stranger than fiction."

This extraordinarily well-written and well-researched biography will be enjoyed by anyone interested in aviation or in the people that influenced the history of this century.

Hardcover Signed Editions $ 26.95
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Shipped within 30 days of order $ 32.95

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