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Fred Lerner,
Author, Librarian & Vermont Resident

Lerner was one of the founders of the Science Fiction Research Association, and his academic background shows through in several of the articles, such as "How Science Fiction Became Respectable," "Towards a Definition of Science Fiction: A Reply to James Gunn," and "Lester and Me" (about how Lester Del Rey was one of the examining committee for Lerner's doctoral dissertation, "Modern Science Fiction and the American Literary Community"). But Lerner allows comes through as a fan in his opinions about Kipling, Heinlein, horror, and his favorite books. And a surprising number are about Vermont, and why he lives there, and what he likes about it (and what he doesn't). The most harrowing is his "Farewell to Alexandria," in which he describes culling his library. It's enough to send shivers down the spine of any dedicated book collector.

Fred lerner has been a librarian for over thirty years and holds degrees in history and library science from Columbia University, where he received his doctorate. he has also written widely on contemporary science fiction.

The Story Of

Fred Lerner
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Five thousand years ago, the Sumerians created writing and established libraires to preserve the hymns, prayers, and documents necessary for progress in both religion and commerce. Ever since, libraries have both reflected and shaped the societies that created them.

"The Story Of Libraries is an engaging tale that takes us from the very beginnings of writings to the sharing of scholarly works over the Internet."

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A Bookman's

Fred Lerner
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Twenty-four essays by Boskone 32's Special Guest in four major areas--"SF, Respectable and Otherwise," "A Librarian Born and Bred," "An Imperfect Vermonter," and "A Bookman's Fantasy." These essays have been scattered in such diverse publications as Niekas, Voice of Youth Advocates, Special Libraries, and Lofgeornost. Each section has an original introduction by Fred Lerner.

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Libraries Through
The Ages

Fred Lerner
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This completely new book, Libraries Through The Ages, is based on Fred Lerner's earlier The Story of The Libraries, which was the first book of its kind in many years. More concise and with nearly twice as many illustrations as its predecessor, Libraries Through The Ages will especially appeal to young readers, as well as to anyone who wants a compact and lively international history of book collecting, from the invention of writing to the computer age.

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