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Day Leclaire,
Author & North Carolina Resident

Day Leclaire writes for the Harlequin Romance line and lives in the midst of a maritime forest on Hatteras Island on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Despite the yearly storms that batter them and the frequent power outages, she finds the beautiful climate, superb fishing and unbeatable seascape more than adequate compensation. Being flexible and having a sense of humor also helps, she's discovered, along with a love for both the island and her craft.

The Bride's Proposition
Day Leclaire
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A practical marriage . . .

Penelope Wentworth believed in being practical. She needed a husband, so she decided to investigate suitable candidates—and propose! Stefano Salvatore was perfect, and their marriage would also combine their business assets. Surely Stefano would find such logic irresistible?

But this passionate Italian believed in marrying for love: not meeting his bride for the first time as she walked into his office bearing matching wedding rings! He thought Penelope was crazy—but adorable. In fact, he was beginning to take her proposition seriously!

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Her Secret Bodyguard
Day Leclaire
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To Love, Honor...and Protect!

Sami Fontaine wanted a baby more than anything. But she didn't want a husband. Where could she find a man willing to father a child without gaining a wife? The solution was simple: Advertise...

When gorgeous Noah Hawke turned up on her doorstep, Sami knew she'd found the perfect man. Only, Noah wasn't reporting for baby-making duties: he'd been hired to watch over Sami. And the best way to protect her was to marry her!

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The Perfect Solution
Day Leclaire
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Every man has his price! Lost Springs Ranch was famous for turning young mavericks into good men. So word that the ranch was in financial trouble sent a herd of loyal bachelors stampeding back to Wyoming—to put themselves on the auction block.


Name, Age, and Occupation:
Flynn Morgan, 34, Security Expert
In Five Words:
Persuasive, Fast-talking, a Chameleon
Biggest Achievement:
Sticking to the straight and narrow.
Where We Can Find You:
Wherever there's trouble abrewin' or a woman in need.
Ideal Woman:
Any and all. There's not a woman born I haven't taken a shine to.

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