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Edward Koren,
Author, Fire Chief, & Vermont Resident

SignedEditions is working with Edward Koren to develop a short biography, a description of his books, and to make arrangements for him to sign and inscribe his books.

We could get this job done more quickly if we had more help. Are you looking for work?

If you order a signed or inscribed edition, we will contact Edward Koren. Then, E~Mail you to let you know, if and when Mr. Koren will be able to fulfill your request.

Just because we don't have a biography of Edward Koren doesn't mean you can't order the following unsigned editions:

The Hard Work
of Simple Living

Edward Koren
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Global Warming Got You Down?
Put on Your Dancing Shoes!

They're cutting down the rain forest to graze cattle destined to be fast-food burgers. The fisheries are collapsing from over-exploitation so that every strip mall can have a sushi parlor. Our air is polluted from the proliferation of cars, and we foul our drinking water with waste. The species has careened beyond the limits into a state of overshoot that puts us teetering on the brink...

PaperbackSigned Editions $ 18.95
Paperback Inscribed Editions
Shipped within 30 days of order $ 24.95

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