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James O. Howland,
Author & Vermont Resident

James Howland lives alone in his family home in Hartland, Vermont. He has a daughter, two sons and seven grandchildren, all living in Vermont.

Professional writing is not easy, because first of all, you need to be inspired and admire certain ideas in order to have an idea of what to write, then to think over the universe/lore/characters, etc., to follow the vocabulary and grammar, to proofread the text. This is a very resource-intensive work (and a very important art), if you want to learn more about how to properly apply your skills to writing, or are looking for help with writing, contact elite writings.

You Can't
Name a Woodchuck
in a Hurry

James O. Howland
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You Can't Name a Woodchuck in a Hurry is a delightful collection of nearly 50 vignettes written by a native Vermonter who in his more than four score & one years, farmed the rocky hills sides, worked for various Vermont Human Service Agencies as a Probation and Parole Officer, Rehabilitation councilor, and served as an Assistant Judge in the Windsor County Superior Court. In You Can't Name a Woodchuck in a Hurry, you will not only learn why Vermonters love with a sad/glad approach to life but why it is that way.

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