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Susan J. Herman,
Author & Professor

Susan J. Herman, Ph.D., has spent more than 20 years as a business owner, has hired more than 1,500 employees, and has interviewed approximately five times that many. In her 10 years as a management consultant and trainer, she worked with managers in the public as well as private sector to help them manage the selection process. As a Professor of Human Resource Management at the Keene State College of the University of New Hampshire System for five years, and as a Visiting Professor in the School of Commerce at the University of British Columbia for one year, she taught the skills of management to hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students and adult professionals.

Her various careers have all focused on finding, developing, and working with the people best suited to an organizations's goals. Her doctoral work in organizational development and her subsequent research and consulting practice focused on how managers organizational productivity and worker satisfaction.

Now, in Hiring Right: A Practical Guide, Susan shares with those who are responsible for staffing their organizations her years of experience in job analysis, recruitment, selection, reference checking, and contacting with new employees. Her systems enable managers to put a professional framework around their own instincts and experience, important task they face--finding the best people for and attracting them into the organization.

Hiring Right:
A Practical Guide

Susan J. Herman
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Turnover costs an organization as much as two times the annual salary of any given position, with the average being 150% of an employee's annual salary. Hiring right the first time represents enormous savings in time, money, and anxiety. Hiring Right: A Practical Guide is a hands-on, workbook- style manual for managers of organizations (large or small, for-profit or nonprofit) who hire employees, for human resource directors who train line managers and supervisors to do the hiring, and for consultants who want to put written materials into their clients' hands. Handy and practical, this volume takes you through each step in the hiring process, including job definition, recruitment, interviewing, testing, and checking references. Each chapter briefly outlines key concepts for managers and includes several exercises and worksheets that will serve as a complete hiring strategy that can be customized to any manager's own organization and specific hiring needs.

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