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Amanda Harte,
Author & New Jersey Resident

Amanda Harte is a confirmed romantic and avid traveler whose recent books have transported readers to locations as far flung as medieval France, Gold Rush Alaska, pre-Civil War Buffalo NY and a small town in Texas. She's a charter member of Romance Writers of America, co-founded the New Jersey chapter of RWA, edited its first newsletter and organized its first conference.

Although she has written in other genres, including young adult mysteries and articles for technical journals, her first love is romance, because she's a firm believer in the healing power of love. Her belief in happy endings is based on personal experience. She married her high school sweetheart, and they're living happily ever after in New Jersey.

When she's not writing, Amanda manages Information Technology projects for a large New Jersey manufacturing company.

Strings Attached
Amanda Harte
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A woman who's just inherited a million dollars shouldn't feel as if she's received a jail sentence, but that's what it seems like to Rachel Fleming. You see, the money comes with some strings attached. In order to inherit, Rachel must spend a year in her grandmother's house with her husband...a husband Rachel neither has nor wants.

She would gladly turn down the money, if it weren't for her nephew. But it's literally a matter of life and death. The inheritance will save her nephew's life.

And so Rachel returns to her hometown to find herself a husband. Scott Sanders volunteers for the job, but--like Rachel's grandmother--he attaches some strings of his own.

It's a business arrangement, pure and simple. There's no way it can turn into anything more. Or is there?

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Midnight Sun
Amanda Harte
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It's a long way from medieval France, the setting of Silver Thorns, to gold rush Alaska, and many of you have asked why I made the journey in Midnight Sun. I could tell you that I'm a Sagittarian who loves to travel. That's true, but the simple fact is that I fell in love with Alaska and wanted to share the magic of the Great Land with you.

Young and idealistic, Amelia Sheldon travels to Alaska to be a doctor, a real doctor, not just a midwife. She has no intention of falling in love, especially with a hard-headed, arrogant mine owner like William Gunning, for falling in love would mean facing her heartbreaking secret.

The last thing on earth William Gunning needs--or wants--is a doctor. As for a starry-eyed lady doctor who thinks she can cure mankind's ills--well, a new gold strike is what the town really needs. But love comes when it's least expected, and maybe, just maybe, there's enough magic in the land of the midnight sun to make it last.

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Winter Wonderland
Amanda Harte
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What happens when a woman from Wyoming decides to do her Christmas shopping in Manhattan? If you guessed that she falls in love, you just might be right.

Join me and three of Leisure's top authors for a holiday anthology with a special musical theme.

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