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Stephen Harrigan,
Best Selling Author & Texas Resident

Stephen Harrigan is the author of six books (including two novels) and several produced screenplays. Long associated with Texas Monthly, he has also published in the New York Times Magazine, the Wadhington Post, and many other publications. He lives in Austin, Texas.

The Gates of the Alamo
Stephen Harrigan
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The Gates of the Alamo tells the tale of an American naturalist of towering intellect and ambition, powerfully but warily attracted to strong-minded, frontier-savvy widow with a 16-year-old son. These three characters bring us deeply into the life of Texas in the year leading up to independence, and ultimately into the harrowing moments of the battle itself.

Crowded with dramatic and exciting scenes and with both fictional dn historical personalities--among them, Jim Bowie, Santa Anna, and Davie Crockett--The Gates of the Alamo allows us to participate in an American legend.

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