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Tom Fuller,
Author & Massachusetts Resident

Native New Englander Tom Fuller has been writing award-winning articles about fly-fishing for more than 25 years. The former New England editor for Field & Stream, he is now northeast editor for Outdoor Life.

Trout Streams
of Southern
New England

Tom Fuller
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There are more trout streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds in southern New England than any one angler can fully appreciate in a lifetime. The variety and fertility of these waters and their ability to sustain trout year-round make this region a fly-fisher's delight, with well-protected watersheds, stocked rivers, and stretches of pristine, wild streams.

No mater where you stand in southern New England, Tom Fuller can guarantee that you are within 15 miles of one of the exceptional trout waters described in this book. He guides anglers to every recommended trout water--over 130 streams and rivers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island--making this the most comprehensive guide available.

    Features include:
  • 27 maps of the major watersheds
  • Complete access directions
  • Up-to-date information on regulations and stream conditions
  • Recommended patterns to match the hatches
  • Hatch charts and fly recipes

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Flies for Trout

Tom Fuller
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Although the idea of using underwater flies is as old as fly-fishing itself, modern anglers and entomologists have vastly expanded our knowledge to what trout eat underwater, where and when they find these tasty morsels, and how better to fool the trout with underwater imitations. Tom Fuller's unflagging curiosity about the art of fly-fishing, and his impatience with the narrow confines of dry-fly fishing, have led him to experiment with and expand on the traditional and modern methods of fishing underwater flies. The result of his nearly lifelong interest is the book, the first comprehensive guide on the subject.

Nymphs, emergers, streamers, and traditional and new wet flies--he covers them all, both in still water and swift, including new and improved patterns for dressing nymphs, streamers, and other imitations. And no matter how good a fly-caster you are or how perfect your imitation, you won't catch trout if you don't know where to find them. Underwater Flies for Trout tells you where to look for trout, how to approach them, and how to present artificials in a lifelike manner.

Hardcover Signed Editions $26.95
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