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Bert Dodson,
Draftsman, Painter, Illustrator & Vermont Resident

Bert Dodson, a talented draftsman, painter and illustrator, graduated from Arizona State University and later studied at the school of Visual Arts in New York City. He taught drawing and illustration for several years at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, Bert Dodson has illustrated more than sixty books, and is the creator of the comic strip "Nuke." A transplanted westerner, he now lives with his wife in Vermont.

Keys to

Bert Dodson
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Keys to Drawing in this book the author shares a complete drawing system that you can use for any subject or type of drawing--even if you've doubted your ability to draw. The system is based on 55 "keys to drawing," which are introduced at a comfortable pace. The keys are interspersed with dozens of practice exercises that help the aspiring artist learn by doing.
  • restating, focusing, mapping, and intensifying.
  • how to free your hand action, then learn to control it.
  • how to stimulate your imagination through "creative play"

Illustrated by
Bert Dodson
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Luke Reed admires his father, a hardworking homesteader battling the harsh prairie lands of Iowa, yet Luke, a talented artist, dreams of a different kind of life.

Luke's father says his artwork is a waste of time, but his Uncle Eli is more sympathetic. A trader of goods along the Santa Fe Trail, Eli has led an adventurous life. When an unexpected event frees Luke from the backbreaking work of the farm, he eagerly agrees to join his uncle on a trip to Boston.

The Way
Life Works

Bert Dodson
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Where did life come from, and how can it possibly work? How can the union of a single sperm and egg become a five-trillion-cell baby? How can plants turn sunshine into food? Reading The Way Life Works is a whirlwind, madcap tour through the countless ways in which all life is bound together by the same process.
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