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David Dobbs and Richard Ober,
Authors, Journalists, & New England Residents

David Dobbs' articles on the environment, science, community, and the outdoors have appeared in magazines such as Audubon, Sierra, Popular Science, Vermont Life, Yankee Magazine, and Northern Woodlands. He is currently working on a novel, Placing Protection, and a book tentatively titled Two Years into the Gulf. In the latter, Dobbs discusses the fishery off the upper New England coast and the ongoing debate between the fishers who depend on it for their livelihood and the scientists who want to preserve it. The book is scheduled for publication in fall 2000 by Shearwater Books/ Island Press. Dobbs lives in Montpelier, Vermont, where he takes advantage of the excellent hiking, skiing, fishing, mountain biking, and birding opportunities the surrounding area offers.

Readers may visit his home page at and also visit to see what others are saying about The Nothern Forest.

Richard Ober,
Author, Editor, & New Hampshire Resident

Richard Ober is the communications director of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, the state's largest conservation organization, and editor of the Society's magazine, Forest Notes. He lives in New Hampshire.

Northern Forest

David Dobbs
Richard Ober
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Through remarkably intimate and complex portraits, The Northern Forest reveals the drama of a rural society struggling to maintain itself in one of America's last great forces. This is a story about the challenge of maintaining a genuine, lasting balance between ecology and economy–not just in the Northern Forest, but everywhere in the world where people are facing this dilemna.

"Dobbs and Ober deftly weave the concerns and dreams of loggers, landowners, foresters, and resort owners into a rich tapestry demonstrating that people with widely divergent perspectives can share a vision of the land they love." –Publishers Weekly

"A remarkable book. Their sympathies are not with the trees, in that old accurate dichotomy, but with the forest and with the human beings who try to make a respectable living from it." –The Boston Globe

The Northern Forest has won the Vermont Publishers Association Book of the Year Award (1996); the New Hampshire Writers and Publishers' Project's Nonfiction Book of the Year (1996); and the Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award (1995-96).

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