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Ann Cooper,
Executive Chef, Author, Writer, World Traveler & Vermont Resident

SignedEditions is working with Ann Cooper to develop a short biography, a description of her book, and to make arrangements for her to sign and inscribe her book.

We could get this job done more quickly if we had more help. Are you looking for work?

If you order a signed or inscribed edition, we will contact Ann Cooper. Then, E~Mail you to let you know, if and when Ms. Cooper will be able to fulfill your request.

Just because we don't have a biography of Ann Cooper doesn't mean you can't order the following unsigned edition:

A Woman's Place Is in the Kitchencelebrates the bond that has existed for centuries between women and food. In A Woman's Place Is in the Kitchen, Ann Cooper includes the triumphant stories of over one hundred professional women chefs and cooks she has interviewed and the stories of women who, over the centuries, have impacted our kitchens and our food. A Woman's Place is In The Kitchenchronicles the choices, balancing acts, and compromises women have made in order to pursue their culinary passions.

In the section "On the History of Women in the Kitchen," the reader learns how, 10,000 years ago, women influenced the food supply and preparation. Women in the Quaker kitchen were renowned for their fine cuisine and even prepared food for the President of the United States. Between 1800 and 1809 in Thomas Jefferson's White House two black slave women, Edith and Fanny, "prepared dishes considered novelties even by the standards of elite Washington."

A Woman's Place Is in the Kitchen includes numerous illustrations, photographs and side bars. In one side bar, we learn about the evolution of the fictional Betty Crocker; in another we learn that Fannie Farmer, author of one of the best selling cookbooks of all time, had a permanent debilitating stroke when she was 13.

Anyone interested in the preparation of food will enjoy A Woman's Place Is in the Kitchen, but it is more than a book about preparing food. A Woman's Place Is in the Kitchen is about women whose desire, tenacity, intellect, and passion overcame prejudice and barriers. It is the story of women who opened restaurants for the rich and famous and became famous; it is about chefs who have worked for the Salvation Army and Food Stamp programs, about individuals who commit time, energy, and talents to improve the nutrition of children throughout the world. It is a book about people with a passion and commitment who care, try, and succeed.

Paperback Signed Editions $31.95
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Ann Cooper
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