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Sheila Connor,
Author & Massachusetts Resident

SignedEditions is working with Sheila Connor to develop a short biography, a description of her book, and to make arrangements for her to sign and inscribe her book.

We could get this job done more quickly if we had more help. Are you looking for work?

If you order a signed or inscribed edition, we will contact Sheila Connor. Then, E~Mail you to let you know, if and when Ms. Connor will be able to fulfill your request.

Just because we don't have a biography of Sheila Connor doesn't mean you can't order the following unsigned edition:

New England Natives:
A Celebration of
People and Trees

Sheila Connor
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Connor, a Horticulture Research Archivist at the Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University, takes us back to the birth of New England forests, showing us trees evolving amidst a succession of human cultures, from the archaic Native Americans who crafted canoes from white birch and snowshoes from ash, to the colonists who built ships of oak and pine, to the industrialists who laid railroad tracks on chestnut timber, to the tanners who used hemlock bark to treat the leather required to shoe the Union army. In this engaging narrative, cultural history affords insights into forestry, botany, horticulture, and ecology, which in turn illuminate the course of human conduct in a wooded land. Generously illustrated.

"Connor's learning is so lightly borne, so generously dispensed, that anyone who loves the arboretum itself, trees in general, American history, the development of botanical science and the story of New England's people from archaic Native Americans to modern artisans, will want to read this book and admire its host of illustrations... An excellent book." –The Boston Globe

Paperback Signed Editions $ 26.95
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